Saturday, July 13, 2013

List of 25 BDCs That I Follow

The following chart shows some of the premium reports or articles listed below that are currently available and how they work together.

Here is a list of the BDCs that I cover and associated focus articles:

Specific Articles for Each BDC: 

Golub Capital BDC (GBDC):

Horizon Technology Finance (HRZN):

MCG Capital (MCGC):

Prospect Capital (PSEC):

Solar Capital (SLRC):

TPG Specialty Lending (TSLX):
American Capital (ACAS):


  1. Hi BDC Buzz,
    First this is a great site and it shows the awesome work you have done over the years, please do keep it up!!!
    Second, I'm very new to BDC's. So I have a ("I think") a simple tax question. If you have a BDC in an investment account (not IRA) and purchase a BDCs, then run a DRIP to build shares over the years - I understand you do not pay taxes on the DRIP shares as they accumulate. My question is if you run a DRIP, then at retirement you turn the drip off and collect the 1099 profits (dividend which you pay taxes on quarterly) do you have to pay taxes on the DRIP accumulated shares immediately or do you not pay taxes until you eventually sell your holdings or say your trust sells them?

  2. What is your current valuation of AINV? You upgraded AINV 11/24/2014 to Tier 1. Your more recent articles seem to place AINV in the Tier 2 group and its income does not at this point cover its dividend.


  3. I just reread your full report on AINV 2/7/2015. I have the picture now; no need to go further. Sorry about that. I like the stock for its effort to improve its div. coverage and higher quality loans.

    Thanks hp