Tuesday, December 10, 2013

MCC: Projections, Returns, Pricing and Recommendations

This report is currently being updated with the latest financials and share offering information.  The new report will include updated projections, recommendations, pricing, rankings, total return and earnings estimates for dividend sustainability including the best and worst case scenarios along with the potential impacts to dividend growth. I will also include an interest rate sensitivity analysis that discuss the potential impacts to income and expenses if interest rates begin to rise with a side by side comparison to other BDCs.  There will be a new section covering the potential impacts from being excluded from the Russell 2000.  

Medley Capital (MCC) has been near the top of my BDC rankings for a while and is currently a component in three of my suggested portfolios (General, High-Yield, and Value & Growth).  It reported results after the markets closed yesterday with net investment income (“NII”) per share of $0.41 for the quarter beating analyst estimates of $0.38 and covered its quarterly dividend of $0.37 currently yielding 10.6% to investors.
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